Caravan Services

Just like your car, your caravan, trailer or horse float needs regular servicing and maintenance. Manufacturers recommend that you service your wheel bearings and brakes at least every 10,000km or 12 months.

At Toffolon Motors, we offer quality caravan servicing and repairs, using top quality components for your motoring peace of mind. Our Undercarriage Service checklists around 40 different items on your chassis and suspension system. Caravan services include:

  • Wheels, brakes and bearings stripped, checked and serviced
  • Tyres and wheels inspected
  • Springs and shackles checked for wear
  • Outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue
  • All moving components inspected
  • Full inspection of body components
  • Jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation
  • External traffic lights and wiring connections inspected
  • Water Tank mountings and hoses inspected for integrity and protection
  • Handbrake cable adjustment and effectiveness checked

So for quality a quality caravan service carried out by a local, look no further than Toffolon Motors.

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Caravan Wiring

Auxiliary wiring from your car’s battery to your caravan battery and fridge charges your caravan while you drive, keeping your caravan powered up for your whole trip.

At Toffolon Motors, our auto electricians are experienced in checking and repairing caravan wiring and auxiliary wiring, to ensure your caravan or RV stays powered up for the duration of your trip.

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