At Toffolon Motors, we provide rear view camera systems and safety monitoring, including parking sensors, for all types of vehicles.

When safety is your main concern, ensure that your vehicle is fitted with a rear vision camera or parking sensors. We provide a single point of contact for vehicle visibility solutions, as well as consultation, sales, installation, service, and support.

It all comes down to the Toffolon Motors team of people and products that you can trust. We use only the highest quality products available and are committed to providing ongoing support and service to our customers. Our expertise in reversing camera and parking sensor systems brings you increased safety through superior visibility.

We can enhance your rear vision and security by tailoring a system to suit your needs, and we offer several product ranges to suit a variety of applications and budgets.

A camera and monitor system when used in vehicle applications will:

  • Increase pedestrian safety when reversing
  • Reduce potential damage to your vehicle and/or caravan when reversing
  • Reduce potential parking mishaps
  • Ease stress when performing tricky parking maneuvers
  • Give you peace of mind around small children, toys and animals

Your vehicle is important, but nothing is more important than peoples’ safety. Our mission, with the use of safety camera and parking sensor products, is to provide a safer home and travel environment for less than the cost of most in-car accessories.

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